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Amazon Web Services Training

Amazon Web Services Training

In the advent of information technology and information system, the demand for IT professionals has tremendously increased all over the world. Most, if not all, businesses are starting to incorporate technological advances to their business in order to cope with the fast-paced evolution of technology. IT professionals play very significant roles on every corporation. They handle websites, programming, manpower time logs, inventory, production delivery and order management, and many more. For as long as there is a need for web services and network related concerns, an IT professional is definitely necessary.


This demand has resulted to a steep competition among IT professionals. Since most multinational companies depend on information technology in almost all of its business processes, they want to make sure that they only hire the most qualified and accredited IT professionals.  Thus, acquiring an accreditation will give you an edge over other applicants.


Amazon Web Services Training


Amazon Web Service Certification is something that an IT professional must have especially if they are working with AWS. In order for you to gain this certification, you need to pass the AWS Certified Solutions (ACS) – Associate Exam. However, not everyone is confident enough to pass this examination. This is where Strategism Amazon Web Service Training program comes in. We will prepare and help you pass the examinations and earn the accreditation that you have always wanted.


What Is It For You?   


At the end of the training, you will expect to gain the following:

  • You will be immersed in a series of lecture about Amazon Web Services
  • Successfully pass the AWS Certified Solutions (ACS) – Associate Exam
  • Be able to master designing websites in AWS platform
  • Be Amazon certified and a Cloud expert.


Are You Qualified to Join the Training?


We cater all interested trainees with or without Amazon Web Services experience. We also open our doors for IT programmers who wanted to venture into AWS Applications. Strategism prepared a perfect web service training module that suits any technologically inclined individuals.


Our AWS Training Module


  • Introduction to Amazon Web Service Training
  • AWS Concepts and Components
  • Identity Access Management
  • AWS Storage and CDN: Cloud, S3 and Glacier
  • Amazon Web Service – In Depth Discussion
  • Route53: Background and Overview
  • AWS Database
  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • Application Services
  • WordPress Site Creation
  • Preparation for Examination


Each step of the way, we will conduct quizzes and assessments that will gauge your improvements and determine your opportunities.


Benefits of an Amazon Web Services Certification


  • Additional credential
  • Proves that you are an expert in designing and operating highly valuable application  in AWS platform
  • Earn recognition and distinction
  • Foster reliability and dependability


Why Trust Strategism?


Strategism is committed towards the accreditations and certification of our clients on Amazon Web Services. Our pool of lecturers and consultants has come up with comprehensive web service training module suited for everyone. We are updated with fast-paced technological advances that allow us to take you a step further. It is a guarantee that you will never regret trusting us. Strategism’s  Amazon Web Service Training is everything that you need in order to acquire your most sought after accreditation.


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