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Business Analysis

Business Analysis Training Calendar

Corporations and organizations need to respond quickly to new business changes and trends. With the right step towards correct business analysis, the organization can save more money and attract or retain their customers. Business analysts are essential in every large organization because these experts can find important business opportunities and solve critical problems at a faster rate.

With the vast knowledge and the skills you will learn from Strategism Business Analysis Training Course, you can create important strategic solutions and solve complex business challenges, which can lead to higher profits and success. Strategism will provide all the tools and the knowledge you will need so you can work efficiently and be a valuable asset in the company.

Learn to design solutions for the company stakeholders and take the role of the leader when working with important projects of the company. Business analysts have what it takes to work across all levels of the organization. Take that important step today and enhance your essential business skills through Strategism Business Analysis Training Course.

The Course Details and Training Program

  •          Introduction to Business Analysis
  •          Role and Responsibilities of Business Analysts
  •          Business Analysis Knowledge and Skills Assessment
  •          Business Analysis Essentials
  •          Modeling Tools
  •          SDLC Fundamentals
  •          Business Analyst in Agile Environment
  •          Requirements Development, Documentation and Management
  •          Software Development Life Cycle Methodologies
  •          Data Analysis / SQL
  •          Software Testing
  •          Performing Business Case Analysis
  •          Business Process Analysis
  •          Elicitation, Analysis and Documentation of Requirements
  •          Testing Techniques
  •          On the Job Support

Advantage of Strategism Business Analysis Training

With the Strategism Business Analysis Training Course, you can be a part of an exclusive group of professional Business Analysts.

Business Analysts are sought after by elite organizations and companies all over the world. By finishing this course, you can easily enter a very lucrative career as a Business Analyst.

The training course is a mark of excellence and competence, which proves that you have the knowledge and the skills to be a part of a prestigious organization.

There is a growing demand in the IT industry for skilled and well-trained Business Analysts in the coming years. The role of a Business Analyst has become very important in the IT industry and it would be a very smart choice for you to undergo this training course as soon as possible.

Benefits of Taking the Business Analysis Course

  •          After taking this course, you will have all the skills and knowledge you need to be a professional Business Analyst.
  •          You will be able to know the roles, responsibilities and functions of Business Analysts.
  •          You can handle and assume a leadership role in any important company project.
  •          You can work effectively with major stakeholders.

Why Choose Us?

Strategism is focused on providing you with Business Analysis Training Course that uses the latest software technology. Our Business Analysis training staffs are all professionals in their field and have a wide perspective of what you need so you can have that competitive edge in the workplace. We will also help you get the perfect job that will match your Business Analysis skills and guide you along the way.


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