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What all training courses does Strategism Inc. offer?

Strategism Inc. trains you to be an IT professional in the following HOT Technologies,methodologies and fields:

  • Project Manager Professional (PMP®)
  • Agile/Scrum (CSM/ CSPO/ SA etc.)
  • Business Analyst (BA)
  • Quality Analyst (QA)
  • JAVA/Python/ AWS/ DevOps
  • Big Data HADOOP
  • SalesForce (SFDC)
  • Agile (ACP)

How do you individualize the training?

Batch sizes are kept small to maximize trainer-student experience.

When does the training start?

New training batches start every 4 weeks; every month we start new batches. The old batches once completed go for marketing prep/certification prep depending on the technology.

How long is the training? What are the timings?

  • Generally, trainings are for 3 days a week for 4-5 weeks.
  • 40+ hours depending on the batch type
  • 6:30PM To 9:30PM PST on weekday and day time during weekends
  • These are 2 and a half (½) hour to 3-hour sessions, 12-13 sessions in all.

What is the structure of the training courses, either online or in-class training?

Yes, we offer both online as well as in-class training. If you are a remote candidate, you are welcome to attend our trainings virtually. We have a sophisticated Gotomeeting and Webex set up where you can hear the instructor and see his desktop. In-class experience is always better than online but some people work well with online training also.

Do you have a fast track training program?

We do have fast tracking program for some of our skills. All our trainings are for 4-5 weeks. However, we do offer PMP, Agile, Scrum boot camps for two-four days on weekdays and weekends. We have had similar bootcamps on Hadoop & SFDC too.

Do I get my certificate after the completion of my course?

Yes, we are an E-verified company. Strategism is a brand that will help you boost up your resume once you get trained and certified through us. Our certification and logo on your resume will help you during the marketing process also. We allow that only if you are marketing through us.

Who are the trainers and what is their background?

Our trainers have more than 15 years of real world experience and done training for long time, certified and highly experienced in their field. They provide support even after completion of your training. Our training prepares you for certification in the field of BA, QA, Salesforce, Hadoop, JAVA, PMP and CSM/CSPO etc. Their profile is mentioned on our website. Our trainers are passionate, experienced in that particular technology, and work in that area only. They work for FORTUNE 500 companies such as Apple, Google, etc. For more information, please visit: www.strategismtechnology.com

Do you guys charge money for training? Is there a fee for the course?

  • Yes, we do charge for the training, it is max $2000 and vary from course to course depending on mode of training, trainer experience, etc. However, it is refundable after 1-2 billing cycle only once you sign the Marketing Agreement with us for 1 year and once you get placed through us.
  • We do offer discounts depending on relationship- old student, unemployed, corporate client, media partners, etc- these get 10% discount on each category.
  • We do not charge any money for marketing from consultants who have taken training form us. Marketing is free. We do charge money for training.
  • If you took training and paid for it, it does not mean we will assist in marketing; we will do so only if you have signed the marketing agreement and if the trainer has said a “yes” for that candidate for marketing purposes.

Are there any discounts/ promotional offers/ group discount for attendees?

We do offer discounts based on categories, students, unemployed, corporate client, old student, media, personal references, business associates, etc. It is our sole right to offer discount to anyone. We can refuse service to anyone. No one can compare the prices they paid for the courses.

Do you refund the training fee if I change my mind?

We do not refund the training fee as we incur costs in getting the study material, the space set up for training purposes, and most importantly, in getting the trainer. Once you sign up, register and pay for the course, there will be no refund on no-show ups or your own non-availability to attend that session. It will be our sole decision to let you sit through the same session, the next time it is scheduled at the same price that you paid for the first time, or at an additional cost. Strategism has the first right to reschedule classes upon trainer unavailability, insufficient enrollment etc.

Whom should I contact for more information?

This FAQ should answer most of your questions. But, if you still have more questions or want to sign up, please contact us via email at: www.strategismtechnology.com/ or CALL : 1-877-648-0004; you can also send email to contact@strategisminc.com

Do you provide accommodation?

No, we do not provide any accommodation to students/candidates.

What happens after training?

Post training, only for those candidates for whom the trainer have said a ‘yes’ for marketing and only those who have signed the marketing agreement, our marketing team will assist in their placement. After training is complete our trainers give a feedback on the performance and evaluate the candidature as a potential person for placement. If you do not sign the marketing agreement we do not provide any assistance with placement. Strategism does not guarantee any one jobs or placements.

How do we assist with one’s PMP® Certification?

For serious students who attentively attend and participate in all classes, do their homework, and complete all the review sessions and take all mocks scoring above 75% marks; our training curriculum serves well as the practice tests for the PMP® Certification exam.

What if I am not able to clear the PMP® exam in the first go, what happens if I fail?

Each student will be required to take at least five mock exams after the course content is covered. Two review sessions will be conducted for all before the five mocks are taken. Important tips will also be shared by the instructors on “passing the PMP exam”. How to handle the test day and the right approach to be adopted to clear the exam will be discussed in details. However, if you still unsuccessful to clear the final test, you can continue with the next batch at no extra cost, within one year of the registration.

Can I join after the training has started and I am going to miss some classes?

Yes, you can join the program at any time. We have had people join as late as halfway through a session. Keep in mind; we do not prorate for this. You can attend two batches one after the other and repeat some of the classes and content to improve your performance. We do not charge money two times if you attend two batches. We recommend completing the course in the next batch if you started late.

Can I take a class from home, if I am not able to come to Office?

Yes. It is OK. Not recommended but it is OK. Taking classes from class room is lot more beneficial to you than taking classes over Gotomeeting or Webex. If you like to do a lot of self-study and get lost in a group then online can help you. Most people like to be in a group and compare themselves with other students, that is why in-class is a better option. Try to listen to videos and audio to make up for lost classes.

When am I required to sign the Marketing Agreement? Is it Mandatory?

Post training, it is only an option for you to sign the Marketing Agreement if you want us to help you assist you with placement concerns.  If you do not sign the agreement you can take the training and leave, you are not bound by us. Strategism does not guarantee any one jobs or placements.

Do you provide any on the job support after completion of training?

Yes. It is in both of our best interests to keep you at your job. If it requires for instructors to spend some time with the candidate to help him/her out on the job, we will gladly do it. Our base of consultants, trainers will help with the job support that you need till you are comfortable in the job.

Once the training gets over, do you expect the candidate to visit Strategism office everyday while the candidate is being applied to various Strategism clients and mock interviews are being done or is that all done via email and calls?

You are not required to come to our office every day after class is over. But, you are expected to be available by mail and phone every single day during the 6 months “exclusive right to market period”. For those candidates who do take the effort to be in the office every single day, working with our recruiters on positions, generally, success comes much sooner. The key is being in touch with the marketing person on a daily basis. The marketing person will also focus attention on the person who is right there.

How long does it take to find a job?

It varies from person to person. What we can tell you is that we can only assure you client interviews. If you are as motivated to find a job as we are to get you a job, we can find you a job in as little as 4 weeks after training and at most in 16 weeks after training. Some cases do take longer.

Do you offer placements in Bay Area or anywhere in the USA?

We offer placements all over the USA. Our clients, vendors are located all over the USA. We will work according to your preferences, sometimes, if client needs permit.

I don’t want to sign the agreement. Can I take training without signing the contract?

Yes, you will have to pay for the course $2000. Please keep in mind that with this option, you do not get any placement guidance and one on one time with the instructor. But, if you want a job through Strategism then, there will have to be a contract in place.

Does Strategism also process H-1B visas for their candidates? Does Strategism also file for Green cards?

  • Yes, we sponsor H-1B visa for the right candidates on merit basis. You have to meet our requirements and criteria for applying for H-1B through us. Please talk to our training or marketing person. We have very stringent criterion to select H-1B cases. Computer science background, Good communication skills, willingness to relocate anywhere in the USA, prior work experience in technology area helps to get an H-1B with Strategism.
  • We do help professionals for GC filing based on merit. Once you have been with us for sometime we assess your case and then make a decision.

Do you work with third party candidates? That is, if I hold an H-1B visa with another company, can you train me?

Yes, we do work with third party candidates on corp-to-corp basis but we would prefer the person to be on our payroll and we should hold the H-1B as most clients require that in today’s market.

What rates you pay to your consultants. Will I be on pay-roll of Strategism or on 1099 is possible?

Yes, you will be on Strategism’s payroll and have the option on being on our W2 or on 1099. For experienced professionals we work on the 70/30 model for the first six months and 80/20 for the next six months which means out of the client billing rate 70% or 80% will go to you and 30% or 20% to us after deductions. For fresher we have a fixed rate of 30$ per hour.

Will you show the purchase order to us about the client rate?

We do not share client information with consultants. We are very transparent company and share most information with our consultants and they have to believe us, unless we find out that consultant is not cooperating with us.

What happens when the client contract ends? Will you have another contract for me?

Our marketing team will try its best to get you a second project as early as possible. But we do not guarantee any results.

What clients do you have right now? Where are your consultants placed?

The client list keeps changing as consultants keep moving from projects to projects. Our consultants have worked with following clients- Apple, Wells Fargo, Cisco, Bank of the West, Asurion, Qcells, Virgin America, TIVO, StateFarm, Vonage, Fireye, Sunrun, Statefarm, LG, RoberHalf, Comdata, Harris Sheriff County in Texas, Droisys, Valley soft, etc. some consultants work on internal projects for Strategism product engineering. Some work on the projects that we bid from clients.

Are you a preferred vendor with all these companies listed above?

We are preferred vendor for some direct clients and work through preferred tier one vendors with some others. Practically, it is not possible to have many direct clients and keep expensive insurances for all of them if we do not have many consultants working with each of them. So our strategy is to work with them selectively and penetrate into few of them. We work with all leading companies such as Robert Half, Modis, KForce, Teksystems, Randstad, Pyramid consulting, Judge group, Xoriant, Yoh,Volt, etc. We also work through a layer with Wipro, Infosys, TCS, HCL, CTS, Accenture, Deloitte etc.

Is there a 100% guarantee that I will get a job?

At Strategism Inc, we do not guarantee any results. We can only assist in marketing you extensively provided you put in the right efforts. If you keep failing mid-client or end-client interviews, how can we guarantee you a 100% chance of getting a successful offer? Perhaps, it would just mean that you need more practice with interviews and topics. So, we will keep trying. Job depends on many factors such as client needs, manager’s position in the project and client company, your preparedness and presentation skills, etc.

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