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Hadoop Training Courses

Much of today’s business is made up of data – and huge amount of it. With its popularity in the mainstream, it becomes extremely important to understand how to manage it for your company.  This means either hiring new people to do the job or train your existing workforce. Hadoop training courses can be of help.

Defining Hadoop

Basically, the software can do two things: store data and process it quickly.

Imagine huge amounts of data much like files that were larger than the capacity of your PC. How do you store these in a limited space?  These kinds of constraints in data storing and processing are eliminated once Hadoop is installed. It lets you store huge chunks of data that are bigger than what can be stored on servers or nodes; it also allows your business to store countless files, as well.

How Businesses Benefit from Hadoop training courses

Any organization can take advantage of what the software has to offer by undergoing training and competency for it. This is specifically true in areas of risk and security management, operational intelligence (OI), market optimization, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the EDH or enterprise data hub.

  •          Risk and Security Management- With sophisticated security breaches becoming the norm nowadays and threatening entire organizations, Hadoop training courses can help with analyzing large bulk of data in real time and hastening threat analysis.
  •          Operational Intelligence (OI)-Optimizing how your organization work can spell the difference. MapReduce, which is a key component of the course, can provide a proven solution to speed up data evaluation to keep up with the competition.
  •          Market Optimization-A large amount of data is useless when you don’t know how to use it. In the age of social media, it’s so easy to get lost in a stream of information. Equipping your team with Hadoop training courses can aid them in analyzing and consolidating data to make it useful for the company.  This includes 360° customer review, advertising optimization and social media and clickstream analysis.
  •          Internet of Things-Handling a significant amount of data from personal, community, group and international IoT can be daunting. A solid knowledge of MapReduce, which is just one of the topics in our Hadoop training courses can easily furnish your company with a framework to handle imposing volumes of data in real time.
  •          Enterprise Data Hub-Data refining, mainframe optimization, raw data collecting and exploration as well as optimizing data warehousing can be easily handled by key people in the organization by enrolling them in Hadoop training courses.

Training for Success

Let us help your company by training your people to be the best! Topics include the following:

1. Hadoop Architecture- Learn the basics and allow your company to effectively collect, analyze and store huge amounts of data – regardless of its source, age, location of storage or in whatever format.

2. MapReduce Architecture- Considered the core of Hadoop training courses; this will allow your company to map data and convert it to useful information that your business can utilize.

3. Hadoop Developer Task- Understand the basics of input to output transformations. Processing languages used for higher levels include PIG.

4. Hadoop Administrative Task- Learn to implement and administer Hadoop infrastructure. This will give you the skill needed to propose and give new software and hardware environments needed for Hadoop and to broaden your current environment.

5. HBase Architecture- Learn the basics of HBase data storage, and how it operates and guards against loss of data by splitting files into component blocks and distributing these across a cluster of data.

Our different Hadoop training courses provide your business with skills and knowledge development that are necessary for today’s information age. Contact us today and find out how we can help you build an efficient team that can put your company on top!

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