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Information Technology Infrastructure Library

Strategism provides the best training and courses for project management professionals, who aim to keep their certifications as well as continue their education. Our courses are geared towards the development of PMPs and are beneficial to their current professional fields.

We also provide Information Technology Infrastructure Library or ITIL courses that aim to improve the skills of concerned professionals. Completing our ITIL training can help you gain the advantage over other project management professionals.

Course Outline and Details

Strategism’s ITIL course outline and details are as follows:

  • Introduction to ITIL. This course introduces the different methods that are used for IT services management. It shows the various ITIL processes as well as services lifecycles. It illustrates the strategic benefits of ITIL as well as its service-based approach.
  • Benefits of ITIL to Project Managers. This course serves as an ITIL guide. It shows how ITIL helps identify stakeholders and illustrates its service strategies and designs.
  • Other ITIL Course Topics. You can also choose courses that show how ITIL can reduce IT costs or how to improve various IT services using ITIL. There are also courses that that can teach how ITIL can help develop the customers or clients’ overall satisfaction.

Strategism’s ITIL training can help you implement various ITIL standards as well as advance IT productivity.

ITIL Sub Processes

ITIL has different sub processes that are worth studying, as it can provide additional benefits to the PMP as well as the clients. The ITIL sub processes include:

  • Project Initiation. This process allows you to determine the project’s available resources, stakeholders and responsibilities. It also documents the project’s constraints, assumptions and risks.
  • Project Planning and Coordination. This process ensures that all the projects’ service transitions are well planned. They should meet the Project Management requirements and guidelines. It also allows you to coordinate resources as well as activities to other projects.
  • Project Control. This process helps in the monitoring of the project’s progress as well as its consumption of resources. This is helpful, as it allows you to make the necessary corrections whenever necessary.
  • Project Report and Communication. Finally, this process provides a detailed summary of all the ongoing as well as the planned services transition projects. This report will serve as the information for customers as well as the other management processes.

Our ITIL training can help you gain an advantage over other professionals, as they are useful in various management and planning processes.

The Advantage of ITIL Training

  • Additional Learning. Our ITIL training courses can help you continue learning as a management professional. Our programs are beneficial, as you can apply what you learned from our courses to your profession.
  • Certification. You can complete your credential requirements as a PMP through our ITIL training. Our courses can also help you get certified and establish your credibility as a management professional.
  • Acquired Skill. Finally, you can treat this course as a way to acquire additional skills that can be used in your profession.

Strategism is your best choice when it comes to your continuous learning as well as certification requirements.

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