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Java Programming

What is Java?

Java was first introduced in 1995 by Sun Microsystems, which created a variety of interactions with the web. Java is basically a programming language that is designed for use on the internet. It is very much the same as the C++ language but Java is much simpler and enforces an object oriented programming model. Java is almost everywhere and it is widely accepted by everyone. It does not only run on computers but also on cellphones. Java is designed to be free of bugs or programming errors and it features strong data typing as well as complete memory management. It is very popular worldwide, since it delivers secure programs that can be executed on the internet without any viruses that can infect your system.

The Topics Covered in the Java Programming Training:

  • What is Java Program?
  • Building a Simple Java Application
  • Going Through the Edit, Compile & Execute Process
  • What is Java Class and its Syntax?
  • Java’s Keywords
  • Special Method and its Syntax
  • Inheritance in Object-Oriented Programming
  • Creating a Window-Based Application
  • Instantiation
  • Syntax to Invoke a Method
  • Java Type
  • Int Literals and String Literals
  • Method Arguments and Parameters
  • How to Invoke Methods Given Method-Header Information
  • Java Turtle Graphics
  • Java Control Flow
  • Java User Interface Events

Why You Should Enroll in our Java Programming Course

Java is Easy to Learn

Java is considered as one of the best programming language, which is very easy to learn. It is easier to read Java program because of its fluent English like syntax with minimum magic characters. You only need to understand a few things such as installing the JDK, setting up PATH and learning how Classpath works to get the hang of this programming language.

Java is an Object Oriented Programming Language

Java is an Object Oriented Programming language, which makes it easier to develop OOPS applications. You can use Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism and Inheritance in Java. It is also very close to 100% OOPS programming language.

Java has Large Open Source Libraries

Java is used everywhere because it has a great collection of Open Source libraries. You can find a lot of open source libraries, which makes Java development a lot easier and faster.

Java has Rich API and Deep Toolset

Java has a deep toolset with a very rich API. You can do almost anything with Java because of the wide array of tools that you can use.

Java is the Future

Java looks ahead into the future. It is very smart to start studying and training for this programming language because just about everything runs on Java today. Large applications use Java and it will most probably maintain its presence in the future.

Android Apps are Written in Java

All Android app is written in Java so this means that even your Android smartphone has Java programming. If you have a deep knowledge of Java, you can build an app that you’ve always wanted.

Java Can Give You a Good Career

Probably the most important reason for learning Java is that there are thousands of job positions waiting for talented Java programmers. Different industries and sectors are using this programming language and with your knowledge and advanced Java programming training, you can definitely get a good job with a nice salary.

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