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Professional Development Unit (PDU)

Professional Development Units (PDUs)

Strategism Inc. is certified, licensed, and approved Registered Education Provider (REP) with the PMI. We can help you earn up to 60 PDUs.

You need to register with us and go through 60/30/15 hours of videos/audios we have, once you confirm that you watched all of them, we can issue you a certificate- that can be used to renew your PMP certificate.

Our courses are a great way to maintain your professional development units or PDUs in order to maintain your credentials. Ensure your credibility as well as your certification with our various training programs.

Course Details

Strategism’s PDU courses consist of various certifications for leadership as well as management areas. We provide the following training courses to help earn PDUs for PMPs:

  • Management Courses. Our management courses include various management trainings for different professional fields. These include Advanced Project Management, Applied Project Management, Business Analysis, Business Innovation, Business Management Fundamentals, Business Process Management, Energy Management, Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Risk Management, Facility Management, Lean Six Sigma, Risk Management and many more. Each course has 9 to 42, depending on your course choice.
  • Leadership Courses. We also provide leadership courses for PMPs such as Leadership Essentials, Win With Strategy, Advanced Strategic Leadership, Understanding and Managing Conflict, and more. Each course has 4 to 20 units, depending on what type of course you choose.

You can choose your preferred course in order to earn your desired PDUs. Our training programs are guaranteed to provide additional learning as well as help you keep your credibility and certification as a PMP.

Other Ways to Earn your PDU

You can also earn your PDUs by voluntary work such as giving a seminar, creating a presentation or imparting what you know to other PMPs. You can also choose the option of working as a PMP for 6 to 12 months to earn at least 45 PDUs. This option not only lets you earn your PDUs, but also lets you give back to others.

Advantage of taking training to earn your PDUs

Getting the right training to earn PDUs is important, especially if you are a project management professional. Some of the reasons why you should acquire training to earn PDU are:

  • Learning. Just like medical professionals, PMPs are required to have continuous learning in order to maintain the quality of their services. To earn a PDU is a great way of continuously educating yourself on the different aspects of your profession. This way, you are confident that you can provide the services that your client needs.
  • Credibility. Earning PDUs can help you maintain your credibility. PMPs are required to have at least 60 units of PDUs every three years. Strategism provides you with quality courses that can fulfill this requirement as well as help you maintain your credentials.
  • Information. Finally, keeping yourself well informed is a great way to boost your skills as a PMP. Keep up with the latest developments in your field and use them to apply it to your work.

 Gain advantage among your other PMPs and enroll to earn a PDU now.

Strategism is Your Best Choice

Strategism is your best option when it comes to your earning PDUs. Our experienced trainers are knowledgeable in various project management fields. Our extensive courses are also helpful in providing you with continuous learning as well as the skills that you need to continue your PMP profession.

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