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Project Management Professional (PMP)

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Strategism offers the very best certification training for Project Management Professional (PMP)®. Strategism is the Registered Education Provider (REP) with the Project Management Institute (PMI). This course is open to all Project Managers who want to earn a respectable credential in the field of project management. PMI certification ensures that you have a solid background in handling and managing even the most complex projects. This certification is a must-have for any aspiring project managers who want to secure a strong career in this industry.

Project Management Professional (PMP)® Training Details

Strategism Course Materials – You will need two course materials, which are entitled PMBOK, 5th Edition and the Rita Mulchahy Guide. These two course materials are very important because they will be the backbone of this PMP training course. You will also be provided with a Strategism Binder, which is a key resource for the class and contains all the important parts of the book. It also covers the questions asked on the actual exam. This is a cheat sheet type of workbook that makes studying and reviewing a lot easier for you.

Mock Exams – In order to help you prepare for the PMP exams, you will be provided with several mock exams. You will also be given different supplement learning links, which can be relevant material source.

Laminated Sheets and Audio Files – These laminated sheets can be a visual learning material that can help you with your review. Another source material are audio files, which you can listen to any time of the day.

Strategism provides a more personalized and customized style of training. The progress of each trainee is carefully tracked and monitored to deliver a much effective teaching technique.

You will also have the chance to listen to the experiences of veteran Project Managers from prestigious companies. They will share their valuable insights and past experiences in project management.

After covering all the course content, the trainees or students will be required to take at least five mock up exams to find out if they are fully prepared for the real PMP exam. There will be mock reviews and the instructors will provide important tips on how to handle and pass the PMP exam.

Advantages of PMP Training Course

The Project Management Professional (PMP)® training Course provided by Strategism sharpens your skills and provides valuable knowledge in project management. You will learn the most effective ways to implement standard processes and methods to ensure the success of your projects.

This training course provides effective project management delivery that will save the company a lot of money and time. You will learn the most cost effective methods of managing projects.

Why should you take this PMP Certification Training?

If you have a PMI certification, your promotion is already ensured. Plus, your salary will increase and you will be heavily favored against other project managers who don’t have any certifications. Your professional network will expand and this will open so many opportunities for you to move up to the next career level. Fortune 500 companies and most prestigious organizations around the world prefer project managers who have valuable credentials and certifications such as the PMI certification.

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