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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Training

Quality Assurance refers to the systematic and effective methods or processes in determining if the products pass the customer’s expectations. Quality Assurance or QA involves inspection and monitoring, comparison to product standard, careful measurements and checking feedbacks to prevent any errors. QA always follows the same principle of finding out if the product is suitable for its intended purpose and errors are completely eliminated. It has a wide scope, which may involve the whole production process. Quality Assurance includes monitoring of the quality of raw materials, services related to production, management and the inspection processes.

Course Detail or Outline

  •          Basic Webservice testing
  •          Basic Java and Selenium Webdriver
  •          Basic SQL
  •          Mobile Testing
  •          Software Testing
  •          QA and QC or Quality Control
  •          Performance Testing
  •          Automation Testing
  •          Test Management Tools
  •          SDLC or Software Development Life Cycle
  •          Agile Methodology
  •          Environment
  •          Testing Life Cycle
  •          Test Plan
  •          Test Strategy
  •          Testing Types
  •          Test Scenarios
  •          Test Cases
  •          Defect and Bug
  •          Traceability Matrix
  •          How to make Build
  •          Resume Preparation
  •          Mock Up Interview

Advantage of Quality Assurance Training

The Strategism Quality Assurance Training Course is your best course of action if you want to progress your career to higher positions. You can take important roles in the company with this valuable Quality Assurance certification.

With the knowledge that you’ve gained in the QA Training Course, you can become a valuable asset in the company by helping increase the production output and the performance of the workers. You can minimize the mistakes made and eliminate errors in the production line.

You can be responsible in promoting the culture of quality in the organization. You can be the catalyst in moving the organization in the right direction and prioritize quality above all else.

With the right Quality Assurance systems implemented, it will ensure that your clients are always satisfied with your products. This will improve the credibility of your company with your clients and business partners.

Benefits of Taking This Course

  •          With a certificate from Strategism, you can gain more recognition as a Quality Assurance professional. You can also belong to a community of QA professionals.
  •          By gaining more knowledge in Quality Assurance, you are more confident in implementing new systems that can have positive effects on the production.
  •          Quality Assurance Training Course Certifications can lead to promotions and better remuneration and salary.
  •          Career progression would be much easier for you because of this training. Better opportunities can open up in the future in different sectors and industries. You can become a Quality Control Inspector, Computer Systems Analyst or Architectural and Engineering Manager.

Why Choose Us?

Strategism uses the latest software technology and advance training standards for our Quality Assurance Trainees. We have highly competent Quality Assurance Training Staff, which can provide all the tools, knowledge and skills needed in the Quality Assurance sector. If you want to be a valuable asset in your company or you want to enter a career in Quality Assurance, just contact us and feel free to inquire regarding our Quality Assurance Training Course.


Training days & duration 

1) QA Manual

Mon – Wed – Sat
Mon and Wed 6:30pm to 9:15pm
Sat 9:30am to 1pm
Total 4 Weeks of Training


2) Selenium Manual

Mon – Wed – Sat
Mon and Wed 6:30pm to 9:15pm
Sat 9:30am to 1pm
Total 4 Weeks of Training

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